It’s Time to Invest in The Home Improvement Industry

It’s Time to Invest in The Home Improvement Industry

It’s Time to Invest in The Home Improvement Industry

The home improvement industry is a multi-billion dollar per year economic powerhouse, with windows and doors making up about one-third of the projects.

Historically stable and consistent, it has unsurpassed potential, and is not subject to the rise and fall of economic trends.

In the past year alone, this industry has been projected to surpass prior consumer spending records.  Due to the home improvement industry’s success, home improvement franchises have been on the rise.

Now is the right time to join the award-winning team at Screenmobile, and invest in a Screenmobile franchise of your own.

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Top 3 Benefits of Working Outside

Top 3 Benefits of Working Outside

Interested In An Industry That Allows You To Enjoy the Benefits of Working Outside?

Screenmobile is the nation’s leading mobile franchise, ideal for people looking for a family-friendly, home improvement franchise. Screenmobile specializes in window, door and patio porch screen and solar shading products. In a field of installing screens, it is very common for the average owner/operator or employee to spend a good amount of time outside during their work day. What are the benefits of working outside?

There are many different benefits of working out of the office and getting outside is good for you not only physically but also mentally! Here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider a career that is based outdoors, such as Screenmobile:

Reduces Stress


Boosts Creativity

  • Nature increases brain function and concentration.
  • Nature activates your imagination.


If you are looking to start a business in an industry that enables you to work outside, please follow this link for more information about Screenmobile franchising opportunities. 

What You’ll Learn From Screenmobile’s Ongoing Training and Support Program

What You’ll Learn From Screenmobile’s Ongoing Training and Support Program

Come Train With Industry Leaders at Screenmobile University and Get Ongoing Training and Support!

Designed with you in mind, our state of the art facilities take your learning experience to the next level, utilizing both classroom and hands-on models to certify you as a master of your business and craft. Screenmobile’s 10-day ongoing training program provides you with the skills and confidence our customers have come to expect over the past 35 years. All Screenmobile training costs are included in the Franchise License Fee!

What do we offer?

    • With an Audio/Visual designed classroom, we make the best use of presentations, videos and other training resources to give you the optimal classroom learning experience.
    • The initial training is 10 days in duration. We start on Monday with an orientation, then move straight into business training. The first couple of training days focus on Administration, Marketing, Sales and Production.

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How Long Does the Screenmobile Franchise Process Take?

How Long Does the Screenmobile Franchise Process Take?

Screenmobile Franchise Process

Screenmobile is the nation’s largest mobile screen repair company, with over 100 franchise owners, and growing. We specialize in window, door and patio porch screen and solar shading products. For over 35 years, with no national competitors, our franchise owners have enjoyed years of growth and success, as we continue to pioneer this industry. What does their franchise process include?

This is a franchise partnership, and we’re interested in candidates who can be successful, satisfied owners. Screenmobile’s Executive Review Committee makes the decision on offering our franchise to qualified candidates. We are not here to sell you. Our responsibility is to facilitate the investigation process.

What is that process?

  1. Pre qualification
  2. Program review
  3. Application review
  4. Disclosure review
  5. Franchise validation
  6. Discovery day
  7. Franchise awarded


Click here for the full detailed process.

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Meet new Falls Church, Virginia franchise owner, Robert Hof.

Meet new Falls Church, Virginia franchise owner, Robert Hof.

New Franchise Owner Interview- Robert Hof
  1. What is your background?

While in the healthcare industry I completed respiratory therapy school in order to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist. I eventually moved into sales and management. After growing my sales territory to sufficient size, I was charged with opening and managing a physical location in Northern Virginia. 7 years after opening and successfully running the location, Medicare funding was cut and the industry responded with various reductions and multiple mergers and acquisitions. Layoffs occurred, I was laid off in 2013 after 14 years with the company and the location was recently closed. I am very pleased to be in a position where I am now in control of my own destiny and will be working to grow a business that consistently increases in value.

  1. How did your first find/hear about Screenmobile?

My interest was sparked when I saw a truck and trailer in Ocean City, Maryland. I was instantly drawn to take a closer look. I thought to myself, “My gosh, what a great set up, these folks mean business.” I had the pleasure of speaking with John, Blake’s lead tech, as I understand. He was very cordial and genuinely enthusiastic about working with Screenmobile and for Blake. He was a great representative for the Screenmobile brand.

3. What was the turning point during the process that made you want to fully commit to the franchise opportunity?

During the discovery and investigative stages, I had the pleasure of speaking to a good number of current and some former franchise owners. I also had the opportunity to visit Chuck, Jim, David, and Trevor. I greatly appreciate all of the time everyone spent talking and working with me. I got the sense very quickly that everyone is most interested in being supportive of helping others become successful with Screenmobile. Current and former franchise owners shared some interesting stories with me that speak directly to the humility and culture that has been developed and maintained by the Walker Family and thus the Screenmobile family.

  1. What do you like personally about our franchise concept?

I like the franchise concept and Screenmobile in particular because of its maturity and deliberate steady growth over time, I think now is a great time to build this business in my area, and the support and guidance offered by existing franchise owners.
From what I have learned, we share very similar customer service and team member treatment philosophies.


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Rare Opportunity for California Territories!

Rare Opportunity for California Territories!

Rare Opportunity for California Territories!

Screenmobile was founded in 1980 by the father and sons team of Monty M., Scott D., and Monty L. Walker in Glendora California. After spending 4 years scaling the business into multiple locations, the Walkers established The Screenmobile Corporation and started franchising.

Screenmobile has since become the nation’s largest mobile screening operation with over 100 franchise locations nationwide. Due to the company’s origin in the Los Angeles Basin, franchise opportunities in the state of California are a rarity. However, in recent months multiple territories in the LA Basin and the state of California became available! The available areas are as follows: Culver City/Venice, Glendale/Burbank, La Canada, Pasadena, Palo Alto, San Mateo, and San Francisco. Links Posted Below:






Are You A Good Fit for Screenmobile? sidebar_therightfit

Screenmobile has been in business for over 35 years and boasts a 99% renewal rate amongst their franchise owners. What does that mean? It means their franchisees are extremely successful and happy with their businesses. It also means that Screenmobile has spent 35 years of business perfecting what characteristic make a successful franchise owner.

Screenmobile is a family-based business and is looking for franchise owners who share the same values.

Screenmobile franchise owners are friendly, family-focused, hardworking folks that enjoy working with their hands. Most importantly however, they enjoy working with people. They key to success rests in a franchise owners ability to maintain a professional, courteous attitude without fail.

Their most successful franchise owners love interacting with people, the unique outdoor lifestyle that Screenmobile offers, the constant change of scenery, and they love making great money. They enjoy providing a unique product and service that they can be proud of. They have the ability to sell the wide range of Screenmobile products that may better fit the client’s needs. Most importantly however, they have fun providing these services, and it reflects in their craftsmanship.

Do I Have to Have a Background in Construction?                     smu2

Screenmobile does not require that you have a background in construction to become a franchise owner. If you are one of the lucky few awarded a franchise, you will become a student at Screenmobile University shortly thereafter where you will attend the initial training program.


The initial training is 10 days in duration. It begins with an orientation, then moves straight into the business training. Classroom training focuses on administration, marketing, sales, and the fundamentals of production. These four major topics are the foundation to building a successful franchise. An extensive amount of hands-on and on-the-job training are then incorporated to supplement the classroom education.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, you will leave Screenmobile University ready to start screening, but training and support continue. On an ongoing basis, you will participate in regular support calls and webinars, receive field support, attend annual and regional meetings, and participate in a variety of other initiatives to ensure your success.

Are You Ready to Get Outside and Work Where You Play? getoutside

Screenmobile has spent over thirty years building the largest mobile screening operation in the United States and they have big plans for the future! They are seeking candidates that embody the drive to succeed. It is an incredibly exciting time as there are multiple new territories available in California and they are providing the opportunity to share their success with the right franchise owner!

This is an opportunity to own an a business with a great reputation, a ready made customer base, and major brand recognition in the available territories!

If you are interested in learning more about the Screenmobile franchise opportunity, contact their Development manager, Brian Knuth, at (303) 907-3080.

Happy Screening!