It’s Time to Invest in The Home Improvement Industry

It’s Time to Invest in The Home Improvement Industry

It’s Time to Invest in The Home Improvement Industry

The home improvement industry is a multi-billion dollar per year economic powerhouse, with windows and doors making up about one-third of the projects.

Historically stable and consistent, it has unsurpassed potential, and is not subject to the rise and fall of economic trends.

In the past year alone, this industry has been projected to surpass prior consumer spending records.  Due to the home improvement industry’s success, home improvement franchises have been on the rise.

Now is the right time to join the award-winning team at Screenmobile, and invest in a Screenmobile franchise of your own.

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Former In-N-Out Employees Open Mobile Franchise

Brandon Wlasichuk and Jason Frazier are happy to open their own Screen Mobile franchise, especially after working for In-N-Out Burger where the two first met. Both have great things to say about the company but are thrilled to be in business for themselves. The two had this to say when asked why franchising??

“We never really thought of buying into a franchise before hearing of Screenmobile. We both have a couple of friends that own their own franchises in California and Arizona and we were able to see how well it worked for them. Also, the uniqueness that Screenmobile has to offer by being a mobile business with a shop and store attached to the back of our truck made it hard to pass up.”

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Mobile franchise owners

Mobile franchise owners, Brandon and Jason .

Screen Business is Mobile

Trevor Walker started his screen business at 20 years old.The college dropout is doing so well, he can afford a house in Corona, a new truck and a vacation at the Colorado River. Eventually, he can expect annual revenues of between $150,000-$200,000. Trevor did not just gamble and put his money on any business. He invested his money in a ScreenMobile franchise, a franchise system that his family put in place over 30 years.

Our concept is simple, with some hard-work, a bit of capital, and a snazzy truck and trailor; Trevor gets to work outside and afford everything that a 20 year old could ever want.

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Screen Business

Screen Business Franchise Owner, Trevor Walker