Discovery Day?  What’s That?

Before I started working in the world of franchising, I never heard the term Discovery Day.   It sounded like an outing planned for preschool children.  When you Google the term you get search results of: Discovery Day in the Bahamas is a public holiday celebrating the of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the new world,  or colleges have Discovery Days to allow a peek inside life on campus.   The term I am referring to has to do with franchising.   The International Franchise Association, courtesy of The Educated Franchisee’s Glossary of Franchise Terms defines a Discovery Day as:

An event set up by the franchisor so that potential franchisees may learn more about becoming a franchisee. 
A discovery day typically takes place at the franchisors headquarters and is often the final step in 
the due diligence process. It provides the opportunity to meet the management team, support team, 
and trainers face‐to‐face. Occasionally called “Meet The Team Day” or “Open House.”

At Screenmobile, our Discovery Day starts with a tour of our building and learning about the history of the company.  The potential franchisee meets the key corporate staff who will be providing training and support.   The potential franchisee should be prepared to ask lots of questions and to answer a lot of questions.  Then it’s off to lunch and a stop for a field visit.   Time permitting, we even teach you how to make a window screen.

Make a Screen at Discovery Day

Make a Screen at Discovery Day

Our Discovery Day is scheduled at the end of our Education Process and after the prospects have time to validate with our franchisees.   When the prospective franchisee arrives for their visit, they find that there is a lot more to the screening world than they realized.

We award a franchise, only if the entire corporate team agrees that the prospective franchisee will be a good fit for our system.   Would you be a good fit for Screenmobile?   You can fill out a contact form to get more information from our sales team here.

Hopefully we will be seeing you at a Discovery Day soon!


Founded in 1980, Screenmobile has established itself as the nation’s largest mobile screen repair companies. The mobile franchise business specializes in the repair, replacement and installation of window, door, porch and patio screens, retractable screens and much more. Currently, there are 91 Screenmobile locations open and operating in 25 states. For more information, please visit www.screenmobile.com or connect with Screenmobile via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the Screenmobile Blog.

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