The Joys of home improvement.   Have you ever tried to re-screen your own windows or doors?   Many people find out that the job of a window or door re-screen is not that easy.  Should screening be left to the professionals?

Re-screen window

Re-screen Windows with Screen and Spline

My sister and brother-in-law thought they would re-screen their six window screens on a Saturday afternoon.   They live in a rural area and most of their window screens suffer from dirt and a west sun exposure.

So, the easy project turned into three weekends and four trips to the local hardware store for more screen and spline.  The different colors were the easy part, How do you know the different sizes, what type of screen to use and then the big question is how to measure! Once you get all that figured out then it was a quick install and I’m done. Yeah right, the duct tape should last for a while. It did finally get done but cost a small fortune.  Between the time and cost, they should have called Screenmobile – They are lucky – they have one in their area.   http://www.screenmobile.com/Riverside   I bet they could have even got the family discount!  Call Screenmobile first if you need to re-screen your windows or doors.

Here is a typical customer experience before they call Screenmobile, with some of the challenges homeowners face when it comes to screens:


Give your local Screenmobile a call for all your screening needs.   Remember, You Call….We Screen.

If you do not have a Screenmobile in your area, you may want to check out our Franchise Opportunities here.  We get many requests for work in areas that are open and available.


Founded in 1980, Screenmobile has established itself as the nation’s largest mobile screen repair companies. The mobile franchise business specializes in the repair, replacement and installation of window, door, porch and patio screens, retractable screens and much more. Currently, there are 91 Screenmobile locations open and operating in 25 states. For more information, please visit www.screenmobile.com or connect with Screenmobile via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the Screenmobile Blog.

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