Not only is In-N-Out one of the most sought after food junkie experiences, but it is also a food chain that would be any entrepreneur’s dream.

Well as disappointing as it may seem that In-N-Out see’s no sign in the future of Franchising we can find excitement that they do seem to have a favorite franchise in mind, Screenmobile! Entrepreneur Magazine found this story and decided it was just crazy enough to publish in their February Issue!

Scott Walker, CEO and Co-Founder of Screenmobile, has become a close friend to many In-N-Out mangers by capturing the hearts of their inner entrepreneur. Out of their now 90-unit franchise various owners happen to be those who previously were In-N-Out managers.

Now, the question is how do you go from an all American burger joint to a company specializing in selling and repairing screens?

Scott believes that the process of evolving from employee to manager can be a daunting and time consuming task, and once the position of management is reached there seems to be a cap on growth.

“When they join Screenmobile, there are no limits.” said Scott.

This unusual relationship has been built off of wonderful validation for Screenmobile from a few of the former In-N-Out managers. However, all new Screenmobile Franchise Owners have nothing but wonderful things to say about their experience at In-N-Out which led them to wanting to pursue entrepreneurship.

Brandon Wlasichuk told Entrepreneur Magazine “In-N-Out taught me about the value of a well-run business and an appreciated team.”

Going from a nationally admired chain with strong validation to Screenmobile, with equally incredible reputation, was a natural transition for these business minded individuals.

Screenmobile prides themselves on being a company of values, one that encourages family time and individual happiness. It truly is a Franchise you can be proud of, so much so that it is continuously catching the eye of Entrepreneur Magazine and In-N-Out employees.

The only thing to do now is ask yourself, are you ready to pursue a business where there are no limitations to your success? If so then look further into Screenmobiles Franchising Opportunities and follow your dream.

Click Here to read the full spread in Entrepreneurs February Issue!

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