New Franchise Owner Interview- Robert Hof
  1. What is your background?

While in the healthcare industry I completed respiratory therapy school in order to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist. I eventually moved into sales and management. After growing my sales territory to sufficient size, I was charged with opening and managing a physical location in Northern Virginia. 7 years after opening and successfully running the location, Medicare funding was cut and the industry responded with various reductions and multiple mergers and acquisitions. Layoffs occurred, I was laid off in 2013 after 14 years with the company and the location was recently closed. I am very pleased to be in a position where I am now in control of my own destiny and will be working to grow a business that consistently increases in value.

  1. How did your first find/hear about Screenmobile?

My interest was sparked when I saw a truck and trailer in Ocean City, Maryland. I was instantly drawn to take a closer look. I thought to myself, “My gosh, what a great set up, these folks mean business.” I had the pleasure of speaking with John, Blake’s lead tech, as I understand. He was very cordial and genuinely enthusiastic about working with Screenmobile and for Blake. He was a great representative for the Screenmobile brand.

3. What was the turning point during the process that made you want to fully commit to the franchise opportunity?

During the discovery and investigative stages, I had the pleasure of speaking to a good number of current and some former franchise owners. I also had the opportunity to visit Chuck, Jim, David, and Trevor. I greatly appreciate all of the time everyone spent talking and working with me. I got the sense very quickly that everyone is most interested in being supportive of helping others become successful with Screenmobile. Current and former franchise owners shared some interesting stories with me that speak directly to the humility and culture that has been developed and maintained by the Walker Family and thus the Screenmobile family.

  1. What do you like personally about our franchise concept?

I like the franchise concept and Screenmobile in particular because of its maturity and deliberate steady growth over time, I think now is a great time to build this business in my area, and the support and guidance offered by existing franchise owners.
From what I have learned, we share very similar customer service and team member treatment philosophies.


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