Franchise Direct, America’s #1 franchise directory, recently featured an interview with Screenmobile Co-Founder and CEO/President Scott Walker. This “success story interview” as Franchise Direct states, dives into the history of the Screenmobile franchise from its genesis to where the business stands today. The article also dives into industry trends, what the company is looking for in new franchise owners, what a franchise owner can expect during a typical day, and some of the company’s goals for the future.

Scott Walker lead The Screenmobile Corporation as the CEO and President since 1999. Prior to that, he served as the Vice President and spent 18 years as a service technician, Support Manager, and Operations Manager. Scott, Monty M., and Monty L. Walker founded The Screenmobile Corporation in 1980 out of their garage in Glendora, CA. Owners of a handyman business, they often had to take care of people’s screening needs. After identifying a demand for screening services, they quickly noticed that there were no nationally recognized companies that specialized in screen manufacturing and repair. Shortly after this idea surfaced, they began retrofitting an old tent trailer into the first Screenmobile. After receiving incredible feedback from customers regarding the speed and quality of the product and services, they realized the potential this business possessed.

Screenmobile has now been in operation for over 35 years with over 100 locations across the United States. 35 years of experience has allowed the Screenmobile family to pinpoint exactly what traits they are looking for in their franchise owners, what they are looking for in an ideal territory, common mistakes that are made by the franchise owners and how to avoid them.

If you are curious to hear Scott’s perspective on what is exciting about the Screenmobile Franchise, what training is provided for new franchise owners, what the company looks for in a territory, the typical day-to-day experiences of a franchise owner, trends to watch within the industry, important traits of successful franchisees, duration of startup, and what’s next for Screenmobile in terms of expansion, then I encourage you check out this article!

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Happy Screening!

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